How can I sign my child up for a camp at Goldeye?
Though Goldeye provides a venue for many youth camps, we do not host any of the camps ourselves. If you would like your child to attend a camp at Goldeye, you must register them through one of the organizations that hosts youth camps here.

What should my child bring with them?
Typically, campers are required to bring bedding, a towel, toiletries, and weather appropriate clothing. However, each individual camp has different requirements and restrictions on what your child may bring. Please contact the organization hosting the camp for more information.

My child has dietary restrictions. Can Goldeye accommodate them?
We are happy to accommodate dietary restrictions; however, meal instructions must go through the organization hosting your child’s camp. Please contact them to make arrangements.

Is my child allowed to phone home?
Communication policies are set by the organization hosting your child’s camp. Please contact them for more details. Rest assured however, that in the case of an emergency we will not restrict access to our phones and we have WiFi and cell phone service.

My child is coming out to a camp at Goldeye and I am wondering if there are chaperones in the sleeping accommodations?
The group your child is coming out with is responsible to provide chaperones in the accommodations where your child is staying. To ensure you have all the information you require for the group your child is coming with, contact the group leader.

Photo Credit: ACCA