Our dedicated board of directors guides the Goldeye Foundation and keeps it vital. Many of our board members have been with the foundation for several years, and have seen the Goldeye Centre through growth and change. We are grateful to have a board so dedicated to keeping Goldeye the amazing place it is.

Current Board of Directors

  • Steffen Olsen, Chair
  • Jim Donner, 1st Vice Chair
  • Skylar Murdoch, 2nd Vice Chair
  • Lyle Younger, Director (Individual Member Rep.)
  • Cindy Bennett, Director
  • David Kolotylo, Director
  •                              , Director
  • Wende Olson, Foundation Manager
  • Darren Phillips, Centre Manager
  • Jim Bettcher, Past Chair
  • Bill Lee, Past Chair
  • Allan Marshall, Past Chair
  • Colleen Zimmerman, Past Chair
  • Wayne Latam, Past Chair