Booking for Summer 2024

We are now booking youth groups for Summer 2024!


The Goldeye Centre’s programs begin your journey into the world of outdoor leadership, adventure skills and wilderness self-reliance.

We are an outdoor education facility that provides Alberta’s youth an inclusive, holistic and enriching experience that fosters personal development while promoting a lifelong love for outdoor adventure. Our programs focus on building a new generation of community leaders as participants take on new challenges, and achieve goals, leading to increased self-confidence and resilience.


Wilderness Skills

We believe in encouraging a continued love of nature and the outdoors through the challenges of learning wilderness skills. These include fire building using different ignition sources, bushcraft, knots and shelter building.


Our archery program focuses on introducing participants of all ages to the sport. The focus is on the fundamental skills through team-building activities that promote increasing focus, goal setting and building confidence. The archery range is found tucked between the forest of our pine and spruce trees, giving it seclusion for practice. We carry 14 bows with arrows and multiple targets for participants to shoot for bulls eyes. Participants will learn the parts of the equipment, as well as taught the safety precautions and rules before they begin. Our more advanced shooters enjoy the challenge of hitting moving objects, while others test themselves by altering the distance of their targets.


Our on-site outdoor climbing wall can accommodate climbers of all abilities and difficulty levels. Climbing is a unique activity that engages participants both physically and mentally developing skills like spatial awareness, hand-eye coordination, problem-solving and confidence. Whether you are a beginner looking to learn the ropes or an experienced climber looking to improve your skills our certified team will meet your needs.

Lake Canoeing

Learn how to canoe through a combination of instruction and games. Experience the magic of canoeing Goldeye Lake as our Paddle Canada certified staff provide the support needed for building life long skills and abilities on open water.

Team & Leadership Building

The Goldeye Centre understands that games are not just for play, but are powerful tools for building foundations skills. Our program offers an innovative approach to learning and blending curriculum-based content into engaging games that inspire and ignite curiosity and learning.

Interpretive Hikes

Trail hikes tell a story – they are a guided experience that aims to deepen a participant’s understanding and appreciation of our natural environment. Our knowledgeable team creates an immersive experience that enhances the participants’ learning, combining comprehensive curriculum and hands-on engagement.


Orienteering is a thrilling outdoor adventure sport that combines navigation and endurance. Participants use a detailed map and compass to navigate through diverse terrain and locate checkpoints spread throughout the course. It’s not just about speed, but also strategy and decision-making as participants choose their own route to reach each checkpoint. Orienteering promotes teamwork, problem-solving, and a love for the outdoors, making it an exciting and educational activity for all ages.


Goldeye’s lake access and private dock allow a wide range of recreational, leisure, and social pursuits that take advantage of the natural beauty and amenities provided by a lake side setting. Swimming, sunbathing and relaxing, wildlife observation and boating are just a few of the enjoyable outdoor recreation activities available, each creating lasting memories.


Bunk House

Seven Bunkhouses with ten bunkbeds per cabin make up our camper accommodations. The Bunkhouses are large single storied log cabins that combine a rustic charm and modern amenities. These are conveniently spaced around the main Shower House and steps away from councilor quarters. Campers are required to bring their own bedding including a sleeping bag and pillow.  Laundry facilities are available on for any unexpected need.

Shower House

The Shower House provides the main bathing and restroom facilities to the Bunkhouses. It has a separate facility for boys and girls, with six sinks, toilet stalls and private shower stalls in each facility. Campers are required to bring their own towels and toiletries.


We understand that connecting people over shared meals is a large part of creating a healthy camp community. Our kitchen team prepares wholesome, healthy and delicious meals that will fuel our campers for a day of adventures. All meals will be served in your designated dining hall at predetermined set times. As our campers explore our programs we also ensure that we are meeting the demands of their growing bodies by providing regular snacks at predetermined times.

Our kitchen team works closely with our on-site Health team. With wellness in mind, all dietary restriction and allergies are taken seriously. You will be asked to provide a list of any special dietary needs in advance so we can ensure our team can be sure every precaution is taken during your stay.


Price is $130/night/participant. This price is all-inclusive consisting of the food, accommodation and programming cost as well as the cost of the chaperones.

Booking information

  • Availability: July and August
  • Ages: 14+
  • Organized Group Size: 10-100
  • Overnight Stays: 1 to 5 nights
  • Chaperones: 1 adult free of charge for every 10 participants
  • If these parameters don’t fit your group, please reach out to discuss a custom program.