Is there a sound system available?
Yes, we have a stereo system that has a microphone attachment. We have a microphone that would hook up to this system. We have a Karaoke machine that can also be used with the microphones.

Is there a piano that we can use?
We have one electronic keyboard and an electric piano in the Pavilion, there is also a piano in Jack Muza dining room and in Betty Peterson Boardroom.

What do you have for tables?
We have 10 6’ round tables, each seats 8-10 comfortably; 2 8’ rectangular tables, each seat 8; Numerous 6’ rectangular tables, each seat 6.

Do you provide table service?
We do not provide table service. All meals are served buffet style and the dishes are cleared by our guests.

Do you have wine glasses?
We do have wine glasses.

Can we have a toonie bar?
Goldeye Centre is a licensed facility and due to AGLC regulations are unable to do toonie bars.

Can we bring alcohol to the dining room?
Goldeye Centre will be the sole provider of alcohol in our dining areas. You can bring, with prior approval from the office, your own wine for a special supper and be charged a corkage fee. The wine must be opened and served by Goldeye staff.

Can we bring alcohol to our accommodations?
Yes you can bring alcohol to be consumed in your accommodations. It cannot be taken outside of any building.

Do you have an LCD machine?
We do have an LCD machine that is available to rent. Please inform the office if you require the use of this machine.

Do you have flipcharts and white boards?
We do have a few flip chart stands and white boards available for guest use. Please let the office know of your requirements.

Do you have a projection screen?
We have one large hanging screen that can be placed in either Seminar Building or Pavilion. We also have 2 portable screens.

Can we use candles in the dining halls?
Candles can be used as long as they are completely contained in fireproof containers large enough to catch all the drippings. You will have to supply your own containers and candles.

Do you have table linens?
We have some table linens to rent. We have square and rectangular sandalwood tablecloths and round black tablecloths. We also have white linen napkins. Please contact the office and let them know your requirements.

What type of decorations can we use for weddings?
You can use anything that you choose as long as you do not use nails, tacks or staples to attach things to the walls. We also have open beams in the Pavilion, which can be used to hang decorations on. We do ask that you do not deface the property in any way.

Can we hang posters on the walls?
You can hang posters on the walls with tape. The best tape to use for this is Green painters tape as this does not do any damage to the paint. The use of staples or tacks is prohibited as these damage the walls. Scotch tape and masking tape can pull the paint off the walls.

What are the dimensions of the dining rooms?
Upper Pavilion is 31 x 33 and Lower Pavilion is 35 x 35, total seating capacity is 150. Jack Muza dining room is 38 x 38 with a total seating capacity of 80.

Can you accommodate Dietary Restrictions?
Yes, we have a great Kitchen staff that is ready to accommodate any dietary concern you may have, from food allergies to special diets we do our best to accommodate our guest needs. Please reference our meals section.

What is the policy on outside food?
No outside food is allowed to be brought on site. Goldeye will be the sole provider of all food. The only exception to this rule is Wedding cakes.

Do we have to bring bedding?
If your group is registered to use the bunk cabins then you will be required to bring your own bedding, towels and toiletries for use in the centrally located washhouse. Hay Cabin has bunk beds as well and if the bunks are going to be used you will be required to supply your own bedding.

My child is coming out to a camp at Goldeye and I am wondering if there are chaperones in the sleeping accommodations?
The group your child is coming out with is responsible to provide chaperones in the accommodations where your child is staying. To ensure you have all the information you require for the group you child is coming with, contact the group leader.

Please do not hesitate to contact the office if you have questions that we missed here, or if there is anything we can do to help you with your arrangements.