Are you looking to challenge yourself, and test your group’s ability to cooperate as a team? Then our Adventure activities were created with you in mind.

High Static Course **CLOSED for 2024**

Thrill seekers who prefer to go it alone can try out the high ropes by challenging the high static course. All ropes activities are supervised by our certified program staff to ensure the challenge is as safe as it is fun.

Low Team Course **CLOSED for 2024**
The low team course teaches and encourages cooperation and partnership, but takes place on a lower ropes course. Ideal for beginners and a good intro to our High Team elements.

The low individual course is a great introduction to the High Static course. Go through elements of the low course solo to test your skills and prepare you for higher adventure.

Dual Zip Line **CLOSED for 2024**
The high static course ends with a dual zipline, giving you a sweeping view of the mountains as you descend.

Giant Swing **CLOSED for 2024**
Enjoy a high energy thrill as your team pulls you 40 feet in the air for a jaw-dropping swing.

Climbing Wall **CLOSED for 2024**
Our climbing wall is 32 feet high and features a novice path for beginners, and a challenging path for those seeking a little more adventure. The climbing wall is a great way to push yourself out of your comfort zone in a safe environment. If the wall isn’t challenging enough for you, just wait! We’ve added more obstacles for all you thrill seekers and limit pushers.

High Team Course **CLOSED for 2024**
The high team course is a high-action challenge that requires teamwork and cooperation in order to complete.

The archery range is found tucked between the forest of our pine and spruce trees, giving it seclusion for practice. We carry 14 bows with arrows and multiple targets for participants to shoot for bulls eyes. Participants will learn the parts of the equipment, as well as taught the safety precautions and rules before they begin. Our more advanced shooters enjoy the challenge of hitting moving objects, while others test themselves by altering the distance of their targets.