Our Explore activities allow our guests to discover nature and the environment surrounding Goldeye. Explore activities are low-impact and are well suited to those who want to take in all of Goldeye’s natural side.

Explore activities are a great way to bond with your group or teammates. With a lake; hiking trails; clear, starry nights; and a breathtaking view of the mountains right in our backyard, our Explore activities will change the way you view the outdoors.

Explore activities include the water front:

Enjoy our double, sit on top kayaks. Grab a partner and venture on to the lake.

SUP Boards
SUP stands for stand-up paddle boards. Great exercise and lots of fun on Goldeye lake.

Grab a canoe during our hot sunny days or for an evening ride around the lake. Just relax and enjoy what Goldeye has to offer.

Interpretive Hike

Come gather a sense of place with our staff through a 45-60 minute interpretive hike around the historic Goldeye Lake. Learn about the local flora and fauna and how exactly the Nordegg area developed from the ice age! A gentle walk on a well-established trail for those eager to understand the ecosystems around us and the history of the area. This hike is suitable for all ages and fun for the whole family!

We have many trails and hikes around the area – strap on some hiking boots and get into nature.

Outdoor Skills and Survival
For those interested in gaining or enhancing their skills with outdoor survival, our staff are trained to teach groups about:

  • Fire building
  • Outdoor cooking
  • Nature hiking
  • Shelter building
  • Plant and animal identification
  • Animal tracking

Never used a compass before and want to learn? Let our staff guide guide you through the basics of orienteering to get you on your way to becoming an expert.

For more information on our Explore activities, or to get started on your activity plan, please contact us.